Get Animated with Kid Koala!


I love animated videos and this is one of the best!
 Kid Koala is an incredible turntablist from Montreal,  Canada, this song "FENDER BENDER" was put out on his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome c.d in 2000 which i purchased and listened to obsessively for the next year. 

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SKRILLEX >>>>><<<<< KORN


                KORN feat. SKRILLEX

As a fan of KORN, SKRILLEX and mashing-up styles, i was really excited to hear about this track!
Dubstep and Metal?!? I was dubious, but my need for Bassy Dubstep and Heavy riffs were satisfied.
 With Dubstep replacing some of the 
Hip-Hop elements of KORN's earlier stuff.... I think it gives KORN's sound a more modern edge without giving up any of their own personal musical style, which they are well known for!

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"ECTOPLAZM" by NateFullerArt


>> by NATE FULLER << 

This is the first in a series 
of abstract paintings 
done with 
spraypaint & acrylic paint 
on antique windows
 from old buildings, that i've collected.
 This one's entitled 

David Bowie is Cooler than your Dad!

David Bowie & Drum n' Bass?!? 
Way before Korn went Dubstep, Bowie went Jungle. Picking up on sounds from the growing
 Jungle/ Drum n' Bass scene in the 90's Bowie put together this track
 "Little Wonder", and cool video
which was hated by some purists and loved by others like me!
So I say 'Nuff Respect to the one
 David Bowie! 

MTheory Clothing Vs. Quadrophenia

Quadrophenia is a movie made by The Who about 60's Mod culture. Its got an amazing soundtrack & features an early acting preformance from Sting in his days before becoming a household name with The Police. Its all about poppin' pills in dance halls, gang fights & shagging! Great film!

The fine people at MTheory Clothing have paid tribute to the Mods favorite mode of transport - the scooter, on tshirts! See t-shirt graphic above ^^^^^^^
MTheory has all kinds of great designs ranging from motorcycles to cult movies and more!
 Click this link to go straight to their Etsy shop and grab one of their shirts!


Here's a great scene from Quadrophenia!


Based out of the U.K,  LAKART takes influences from all aspects of pop culture.

From Hip-Hop to comic books and abstract art, LAKART creates some really unique pieces like this 

SNOOP DOGG one above!
Click the link to go straight to the LAKART Etsy shop to see more!

James Anthony Apparel - Sinister Graphics

Sinister Graphics from James Anthony Apparel! I'm always looking on Etsy for unique t-shirts and stumbled across these Dark offerings from James Anthony for Creatures of the Night!
Click the link below to go to his Etsy shop and check out more of these wicked designs!

M/A/R/R/S = Pump Up the Volume

>> M/A/R/R/S << 

Had this 12inch single in grade 8, 
Classic dance track from
 M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up the Volume!
With vocals samples from Rakim, its one of my absolute favorite tracks of all time!