Lets face it, wearing a traditional wristwatch is a thing of the past.
We all have cell phones, ipods & 
other gadgets we carry around everyday that have built in clocks, 
so what do you need a watch for?

Will Pesek of The Leather Wrist has put a new spin on an old idea. He makes leather cuffs and straps to be worn specifically with a 6th Generation Ipod Nano!
Now not only can you tell time, you can listen to music and look stylish simultaneously!

The Nano comes in many colors, and Will's cuffs can be made to order in a bunch of different colors and leather finishes so you can get a custom look.
With the Nano's touch screen, its all right at your fingertips, literally!

Click the link below to check out The Leather Wrist's selection of leather cuffs and straps!